Multiple Flights

Please note, this is a beta version of a new feature... things may not work as expected!
If you get stuck, please get in touch at

If you would like to calculate the emissions from more than one flight at a time you can upload your flight data here.
Data needs to be upload as a Comma Separated (.csv) file, but once uploaded you can map the columns in your data to the fields that we need. The first row of the file should contain headers that identify the columns.

The minimum data we need is the departure and arrival airport of each flight (preferably as IATA codes)

That's it! But if you also have the following information you will get a better results:

  • Flight date
  • Class
  • Number of passengers
  • Type of flight - single or return

Where we don't have data, we try to use sensible defaults:

  • Class - Economy
  • Passengers - 1
  • Flight type - Single

You can download a sample file to see what works best.