To the nearest £ how much does your household spend in a year on the following items? Any items bought second hand shouldn't be included.
Eating Out
And food and drink purchased and consumed away from home.
Home Maintenance
Covers everything from DIY to a new extension - work carried out on your own home by you. If you are renting, unless you are able to do such work in the home you are renting, this would be part of your landlord's carbon footprint.
Car Maintenance
Servicing, repairs and MOTs.
Domestic Water
Water collection, treatment and supply for domestic purposes. (Sewerage not included.)
Telephone and Internet
Both wired and wireless telecommunications - so internet via a fixed landline/cable/fibre, and also mobile phone usage (including calls).
Computers and Electronics
Computers (desktop PCs and monitors, laptops and tablets)
Phones (excluding service charges)
Consumer electronics (TVs, stereos, etc.)
Other electronic goods (including printers, cameras, gaming consoles, etc.)
Electrical Appliances
"White goods" - refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, etc.
Postage and Couriers
Magazines and Books
Hair and Self-care
Hairdressing and beauty services (male and female). Includes other personal service activities such as dry cleaning, funerals and pet car services.
Pet Food
Hotel Stays
Hotel stays and other short-stay accommodation (Airbnb, etc.)
Any type of insurance cover: house (building and contents), car, pets, travel, etc.
Other Legal Services

Your Carbon Footprint

Cost per metric tonne of CO₂ = £20.00
As you add items to your footprint a summary will appear here.