Quick Tip: If different people in your household do different things for their meals and you want to include them, add the current food footprint to the basket and then you can return to this page and add more food footprints - one for each person.

How many days a week, on average, are you or your household...
High meat-eater

Eating meat

High meat-eater More than 100g per day
Medium meat-eater Between 50g and 100g per day
Low meat-eater Less than 50g per day

Some average weights:

  • Quarter pounder burger - 227g
  • Rump steak - 200g
  • Lamb chop - 150g
  • Chicken drumstick - 85g
Medium meat-eater
Low meat-eater
Fish eater
Total days: 0
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Your Carbon Footprint

Cost per metric ton of CO₂ = $26.00
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