At home

Our home energy usage is typically about one fifth of our footprint and a good place to make savings. For the average household, turning the heating down by just 1°C could reduce your footprint by upto 300 kgCO₂ per year (and save you money). Switching to energy saving lightbulbs, improving your insulation and taking a shower rather than a bath will also all reduce your footprint. And don't forget to turn off gadgets and lights that aren't being used!

Quick Tip: If you get all of your home energy from renewables you can enter "100" in the "% from renewables" field and your footprint will show up as "0" so you can still track it.


Alternative choices

If you would like to find out about alternative energy choices, why not visit the American Coalition Of Competitive Energy Suppliers website to see if renewables are available where you live.

Natural Gas

Average gas usage

Average gas usage varies from country to country, and even in one country will vary enormously from season to season.

For the UK, according to the UK government, in 2017 the average home in the UK used 12,000 kWh of natural gas per year. This is for a household with an average 2.4 people.


Heating Oil

My Footprint

Cost per metric ton of CO₂ = $26.00
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