The Carbon Calculator only works with Javascript enabled in your browser

The carbon calculator is designed to be embedded into other websites, this means you can offer it to your visitors on your own website.

The simplest way to add it to your website is via an iframe using the code below. The iframe should be a minimum of 960 pixels wide (excluding vertical scrollbar).

<iframe id="footprintr" src="" width="980" height="500" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

The calculator works best when it is allowed to take up the whole width of the browser (as seen at If you want to embed the calculator in this way there are a couple of points to note:

  • The iframe should be inserted using <iframe id="footprintr" src=" scrolling="auto" height="100%"></iframe>
  • The iframe’s width should be set using CSS - #footprintr {min-width : 100%;}
  • To stop two scrollbars appearing (one for the main page, one for the iframe) the CSS overflow : hidden; should be applied to the page’s <body> tag.

If you get stuck, please give us a shout!

We are also able to customise the calculator to your needs, so if you would like your own version of the calculator, please get in touch. Please note, a fee may apply for such customisation work depending on what is required.