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An easy to use carbon footprint calculator for individuals and families

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What's covered?

Your footprint from energy usage at home

Your footprint from driving and taking public transport

Your footprint from short- and long-haul flights

Your footprint from the food that you eat

Your footprint from purchasing goods and services

Your carbon footprint

When you've finished your carbon footprint calculation we'll give you a detailed summary of your complete footprint broken down into each category, with additional details available with a single click.
Carbon Footprint Example

What happens next?

Once you've measured your carbon footprint it's time to think about what to do next...

  • Reduce your footprint, the best way we can do that is to consume less, but however low we go, there will always be something left over...
  • Offset these unavoidable carbon emissions with Climate Stewards and support our community-based offsetting projects in Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania & Uganda.
Carbon Footprint Example

Why use

Easy to use calculator which gives
plenty of help as you work on
your carbon footprint

Cover key carbon footprinting
areas including energy, travel,
food and expenditure

Use best available carbon emissions
factors to be sure your carbon
footprint is as accurate as possible

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